Librado Linares García who was recently awarded with Homo Homini Prize, turned out to be a State´s Security Agent.

Camajuaní, Villa Clara, Cuba: March 13th, 2016

“I, Librado Ricardo Linares García celebrating 59th Anniversary of the heroic actions of the assault on the Presidential Palace and Radio Reloj Station by members of Revolutionary Directorate, headed by Jose Antonio Echeverría, I state:
My unconditional support to Cuban Revolution, Cuba´s Communist Party and its historical leader Fidel Castro, who never gave up.

Until now and for the past 24 years, I had the honorable mission of defending my revolution from the bowels of the enemy, I have witnessed the plans of Yankee imperialism to overthrow the Cuban government with the use of so-called Dissidence, from which, until now, I was part of.

My principles have never been and won´t be negotiable, my parents instilled in me dignity, which is same dignity of all Cuban People and not a measly number of mercenaries and traitors who sell even its soullibrado Linares for a penurious amount of dollars.

so, today more than ever I tell you GO AHEAD, # let’s all march with Cuban Revolution and FIDEL!

To counter- revolutionaries in Miami I just want to say in Spanish:  métanse sus centavos por donde mejor les quepa, esta Revolución no la tumba nadie Carajo!



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