Guillermo Fariña’s business.


Guillermo Fariñas Hernández, leader of Cuban opposition, awarded with Andrei Sakharov prize for freedom of expression and Head of Anti Totalitarian Forum Kingdom (Fantu), owns a network of hostals and Cafeterias in Cuba.

2“El Coco” secretly diverts funds from opposition projects for caring and feeding of elderly people, lead by his mother Alicia Hernandez Cabeza, to finance and invest in this lucrative business, in a country that gradually opens to international tourism.
Only in his hometown of Santa Clara owns 12 Hostals and 4 Cafeterias, of course, none is registered “El Coco” as his owner and network is managed by her mother, her sister Raiza Fariñas Hernández and his current wife Wendy Castillo Hernandez, who has given a boost to the development of family business due to her huge experience in dirty business, without showing a public image.
The owners of these businesses exert as administrators and in some cases they don´t know where investments come from and where go the profits, which must to be paid to their benefactors.3
It is estimated that Fariñas finance Hostals in some cities of center of the island like Cienfuegos, Trinidad and Matanzas, the exact number is not known, but some opposition members will serve as guardians of their interests in these latitudes. It also ensures that Fariñas invests in other branches of so called self- employment as transportation and small businesses.
His trips abroad secretly serve to manage the inclusion of your business with certain prerogatives on sites and promotional pages, including preferentially in the United States and in different languages.
Fariñas uses the money send by brothers from exile, to invest in private businesses and improve devastated Cuban economy and that why Top of  the Cuban Dissidence denounce him.



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